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The issue tracker manages reports of technical problems (i.e., potential "Bugs" ) and requests for future enhancements (i.e. improvements ) concerning the program. In contrast to points of discussion in the Forum, issues are items that require a developer to revise the code of the program. In doubt, refer to the list of issue reports that were originally posted here the wiki and have then been transferred to the issue tracker.

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Issues can be viewed anonymously, but creating a new issue or commenting on an existing issue requires the user to sign up and log into the issue tracker. Contact the site administrators if there are problems during registering or submitting a ticket.

C.1 Check To Do List 


If there is a report similar but not identical to the scenario you are experiencing, or if there is no known issue that matches your observations, you should create a new ticket describing your request. Sign in or sign up for using the issue tracker, go to the issues of the BARNA project and press the "Create" button (top bar) to invoke the issue creation dialogue.

ProjectBarna Package (BARNA)
Issue TypeBug or Improvement (Stories and Epics are created by developers when connecting atomary issues)
Summarya short and concise outline of the reported scenario
Affects Versionsthe version of the program where the issue was observed, leave blank if unsure
Descriptionthe steps to reproduce the issue, including a copy of the command line if appropriate (larger files can be attached to the ticket after creation)