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Dear Michael:

I am interested in AstaFunk, but when I tried to build it, I got error as following. Could you tell me how to fix it?



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  1. Hi,

    You need to build into astalavista directory. In addition,  since asfafunk is not yet merged into the main branch, you need to check the specific branch for astafunk:

    user@computer:/barna$: cd barna.astalavista
    user@computer:/barna/barna.astalavista$:git checkout afunk_stable
    user@computer:/barna/barna.astalavista$: ../gradlew dist

    See ObtainingAstaFunkSourceCodes

  2. I tried to follow your suggestion, but I got the same error.

  3. Hi,

    I downloaded barna now and tried to reproduce your error, but it was not possible and everything worked well.

    Re-run the ../gradlew dist with the suggested options: --stacktrace, --info and --debug and post here, please.


  4. Hi bioysu ,

    thanks for your report. It is really important for us. I have deleted your comment with the log and attached in the page.

    I created an issue in Jira  and we will take care of this problem (see more issues here

    In the meantime, make sure that you have a full jdk version installed, i.e., not just a runtime environment without the 'javac' compiler binary. You can check the presence of the compiler commnd in JAVA_HOME/bin. Also make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the root folder of your Java installation, by

    export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java

    (warning) You can download the zipped file here 3.4 - Tool ASTAFUNK#3.4-ToolASTAFUNK(PredictionoffunctionaldomainsimpactedbyAS)-LastestRelease

  5. Hi bioysu , What is the version of your JAVA?