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The format of LIB (Simulated Library) files is simple and condenses the information needed to describe a fragment (RNA or cDNA) of an original transcripts. Each line corresponds to one such fragments and in 3 tab-delimited fields the estart, eend in the spliced sequence (exonic) of the transcript with transcript_id of the original annotation.

1estartIntegerexonic start and end position, 0-based. Values larger than the transcript length indicate positions in the poly-A tail, negative values are caused by variations of the transcription start site to upstream positions.
3transcript identifierString

an string uniquely identifying the transcript. As by UCSC, the prefix of the reference sequence name is joined by an '@' symbol

4number of copiesIntegerthe number of identical copies of this fragment


1456    1686    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
2238    2441    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
116    290    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
199    423    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
1510    1711    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
1196    1361    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
1669    1875    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0
270    480    chr1:4847775-4887990W@NM_011541    0

Note: because the simuated transcription start and length of the poly-A tail may vary from the annotation in the reference, values for estart can drop below , and values for eend can take values higher than the transcript length.



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