Another question, what is the "demsion" mean? Why when I run the ASTA code,  then the new file give me a new gene_id with a "W" or "C" as an end tag, like gene_id "NW_019014588.1:416353-423997C", what is the C or W mean?

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  1. Hello, ZHICONG LIN!

    I'm also one of the users of AStalavista. I have the same confusion with you when i use AStalavista. I think this software is very powerful but may be not friendly to many beginners. And i wonder if  we could share some experience about AStalavista.  My email address:, and 1058946126 if you use QQ.

    I look forward to your reply very much.

  2. Hi Xiaoxi Zhan,

    Sorry for the late reply to your question, the W stands for Watson (+) and the C stands for Crick strand (-).