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I am a newbie here.

I am working on converting genome/gtf data to FASTA file format and using flux-simulator for that. The demo example from the flux-simulator works without any problem.
After that, I downloaded genome and gtf data from,

But while running mouse(mm9) gtf, it does not work at all and shows the error:
[ERROR] Error while loading stats: Field 5 not found
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field 5 not found

I also tried to run flux simulator for "fly" genome.

I got this error:
[INFO] Loading default PCR distribution
        preparing transcript sequences ** ERROR
[ERROR] Error while preparing sequences:
[ERROR] Error while fragmenting : Problems reading sequence chr2L: pos 22877860, len 82,
check whether chromosomal sequence exists / has the correct size
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problems reading sequence chr2L: pos 22877860, len 82,

Can you please tell how to solve these problems?

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  1. I googled about this error and could not find any solution to this problem. Is there a good alternative to flux simulator for processing this type of data?