Why does the number of AS events differ between the stand-alone program and the 2007 webserver?

Recently I am using AStalavista to do a alternative splicing project with our own genome. And I got one question based on the software.
I have download the newest version of AStalavista which is V3.01, However I feel a bit strong because the result produced by software is different between run AStalavista locally on your own computer and run it on your web server (http://genome.crg.es/astalavista/) (with the same gtf file). When I run it locally, it showed 7092 AS event has been detected, but based on the result produced by the web server, the AS event is more than 8000.

I don't know what happened, that's why I want your help.  the command I used on my own computer is
 >bash astalavista -t asta -i gtf_file

I didn't attached the gtf file I intend to use, as it is oversized, but if u need it, I can gzip it and send to you. Just let me know.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Dear,

    although there is probably a simple explanation for your observation, we created a ticket to track the issue:

    BARNA-302 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    As commented there, we would need from you a sample input in order to explain the differences.