Hi, I've read your article published in 2015: Analysis of alternative splicing events in custom gene datasets by AStalavista, and I am confusing about the common AS event mentioned in article,

“0,1-2^” for exon skipping,

“1^,2^” for alternative donors,

“1-,2-” for alternative acceptors,

“'0,1^2-” for intron retention, 

“'1-2^,3-4^” for mutually exclusive exons

Actually I've run AStalavista on LINUX and got gtf output, and I noticed that besides the example AS code, there were also some complex code like 0,1^2-3^4-; 1-3^4-5^6-,2- etc, I tried to group them into the common AS event above but a bit confusing,

for example “'0,1^2-” for intron retention, so does "0,1^2-3^4-" for two intron retention? also is a kind of intron retention?

there does have many other AS code in the output, so is it  possible to group them into a common AS event above?

Looking forward to your reply:)






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